I want to be a (paid) Mad Man

Hiring Based on Category Experience

Posted in Blogs by jartkin on October 28, 2009

jamie profileHi, my name is Jamie Artkin and I want to be a (paid) Mad Man.

Through out my search for a full time (paid) position in the ad industry, I have quickly figured out there there are in fact jobs out there to be had. It may not seem like it when you don’t get a response from someone, or find out that the job has gone to someone with automotive experience, or specific category experience that a company is hiring for.

I have tried to properly articulate these feelings myself but I discovered Paul Gumbinner did the heavy lifting and has done it for me on AdAge.com with his piece entitled; “Stop Hiring Based Only on Category Experience”.

I know based on the confidence that I have in myself and in the reviews that I have gotten from some of the people who I currently report to, that companies I have applied to are making mistakes in not even bringing me in to interview for positions. Yes, I know that it is extremely competitive for positions right now and category experience is one of the easy ways to cut down the list of resumes on the pile, but at the same time, as Gumbinner talks about, companies are disqualifying highly skilled and motivated candidates because of what is on their piece of paper.

And again, I will reiterate that this may sound like a self-serving piece, but the reality is that many candidates, like me, have been experiencing the same road blocks when trying to gain employment in the industry.

So, take a few minutes, read Gumbinner’s piece and see for yourself what is happening in the ad industry, actually, in a lot of industries for that matter.

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